Brokerage services

Brokerage services is one of the principal lines of DOHOD Financial Group’s operations. It is provided by DOHOD Investment Company. Brokerage services are including a large spectrum of proposals:


DOHOD Investment Company offers its customers a wide range of services in the securities market.

DOHOD Investment Company performs securities trading in Russia’s biggest stock exchanges:

  • Stock and currency markets of Moscow Exchange
  • Derivatives market of Moscow Exchange
  • Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange (SPBEX)
  • St. Petersburg Currency Exchange (SPCEX)

And also DOHOD Investment Company deals with purchasing / selling of shares in the OTC (over-the-counter) markets. Payments for securities purchased by DOHOD Investment Company are provided during the period of 1-5 working days.

Company provides on-line access to the exchange trading systems through the most popular software in Russia – QUIK.

DOHOD Investment Company has its own Depositary which provides wide range of services both for corporate entities and physical parties.

Company conducts depositary operations on the basis of Russia’s Federal Financial Markets Service license of a professional securities market participant for depositary operations No. 178-07118-000100 of November 14, 2003.

For investment trusts, mutual investment funds and non-State pension funds Company provides services by Specialised depositary (Licence of Federal Financial Markets Service for Specialised depositary operations for investment trusts, mutual investment funds and non-State pension funds No. 22-000-0-00063, July 26, 2005).