The ''Child’s investment portfolio'' programme

The "Child’s Investment Portfolio" programme is developed for parents, grandparents, relatives or family friends who wish to invest in their children's future. In order to create "a child's portfolio" in the child's name, you need to open a custodial account and deposit funds in it. The funds are invested in the securities market. For best results, you should invest on a regular basis. If that approach is not suitable for you now, a one-time investment-gift is also possible.

Period of investment

This programme is the most effective when you invest for three years and more. Short-term fluctuations – intrinsic in the securities market – even out over the long-term, increasing the return on your investments.

Personal adviser

Under the "Child's Investment Portfolio" programme, a professional personal adviser works closely with the investor focusing the investor's individual preferences and needs, and giving recommendations on the opportunities and on the structure of the portfolio.


For structure of a portfolio, DOHOD Asset Management Company offers a wide spectrum of opportunities. For instance, you can invest funds in shares of mutual investment funds managed by the Company. Shares and bonds can be included in the "Child's Investment Portfolio"; DOHOD Investment Company deals with securities trading on Russia’s major stock exchanges.

We recommend investors follow the classical investment strategies, taking into account that the programme in question is aimed at funds accumulating and not at frequent speculative trading:

  • Conservative. The portfolio consists mainly of bonds and shares from “blue chip” stocks. Bond shares and hybrid mutual investment funds can also be included in the portfolio. Such a strategy accepts a certain level of risk but anticipates an expected return on investments.
  • Medium-aggressive. The portfolio mainly consists of "blue chip" stocks and government bonds. Second-tier shares may also be included, as well as bond shares and hybrid mutual investment funds. This strategy increases the risk for a higher level of return.
  • Aggressive. The portfolio does not include investing in bonds. It is constructed from second-tier and third-tier shares, as well as venture shares. It can also include equity mutual investment funds including shares of sector-specific mutual funds. The strategy has a very high risk / very high return ratio.

The minimum amount of funds to invest is approximately 10 000 RUB.

We apply present-day financial opportunities to build a happy future for your children!

For detailed information about the "Child's Investment Portfolio" programme and professional support towards investing in our offices, please contact us.