Internet Trading

Internet Trading provides customers access to exchange trades via Internet by the means of special-purpose software. It is a range of services which are similar to traditional brokerage but have a number of significant advantages.

We offer our customers to trade via the information and trade system "QUIK", one of the most spread and applied. Thanks to the favorable system’s interface, a user can see on his video monitor the selected financial instruments’ quotes, the deals which are made, and the dynamically changing data on the personal account balance. Customers are able to save trades data, construct graphs and analyze the data in MetaStock and other technical analysis programs. Internet Trading provides customers real-time drawing orders and watching execution of them directly in the trade system. The level of the customer’s information support and the quickness of his order’s execution which act as the most essential aspects of trading are almost similar to the corresponding conditions of professional securities market participants’ activity.

DOHOD Investment Company provides you the opportunity to trade in the securities market via the information and trade system "QUIK" for FREE.

Advantages of working via QUIK


  • The possibility to configure buy and sell order and to check it against the trading limit of your customer’s account. The time between drawing the order and the appearance of order in the trade system makes 0.1 – 0.5 seconds. You will be able to configure the order by yourself and control your every deal’s execution.
  • The possibility to trade with securities credited in several accounts (if you have more than one customer’s account) at one subscriber terminal and with securities credited in one account at a number of subscriber terminals.
  • The possibility to administrate your customers’ accounts.
  • The possibility to analyze trades data with up-to-date technical analysis programs (for example Metastock) and to transmit and save trades data in standard Office application (for instance Excel).


The system illustrates current market position and allows to monitor the changes of quotes for any time-period required. A customer gets the access to market research provided in technical analysis programs. Any changes of instrument’s prices are marked with different colors: in red – fall in price, in green – rise of instrument’s price.


Customer data security is provided by cryptographic protection system “Verba-OW” (certified by Russia’s Federal Agency for Government Call and Information, certificate No. SF/114-0174 d/d April 10, 1997). The system in question provides the level of encryption corresponding to the requirements of Russia’s national standard GOST 28147-89 and applying of digital signing and passwords for entering the system.