Derivatives Market

DOHOD Investment Company offers services for dealing in FORTS (Futures and Options on RTS) Derivatives Market.

Derivatives Market is one of the most attractive segments for investing for various classes of investors and also one of the most dynamically developing..Generally the value of exchange trades in the market for derivatives essentially exceeds the value of trades in the spot market. It is determined by the following factors:

  • the opportunity to apply financial leverage
  • lower rate of transaction’s costs in comparison with trading in the spot market (because of the lack of margining expenses and depositary fees)
  • the opportunity to hedge price-related risks in the spot market
  • securities portfolio management using stock index futures that allows to avoid risks related to industries and issuers
  • the opportunity to apply various vertical spreads which make the range from conservative to risky and are built upon both for market growth and market falldown

The most essential part of any transaction in derivatives is the settlement of the contract on a certain date in the future under fixed conditions. Operations in the market for derivatives are appropriate both for market participants implementing speculative strategies for interest absorbing and market participants hedging price-related risks in the spot market.

Today, in FORTS, the futures and options traded are those whose spot assets are RTS Index, industry indexes, shares and bonds issued by Russia’s corporations, federal loan bonds, foreign currency, etc. More detailed information related to FORTS' instruments is available at

Before you start trading in FORTS, it is recommended to read the following information: