DOHOD Financial Group

Companies united under the single brand name DOHOD offer private individuals and corporate entities full service in the field of efficient investing in the securities market. The Group’s strategic orientations are brokerage services and asset management.

The Group’s history began in 1993 when NEVA-INVEST Investment Company was established. In June, 2007 it was renamed DOHOD and included in the Financial Group. Since 2004 DOHOD Asset Management Company has dynamically operated in securities markets. At last, in 2006 DOHOD Financial Group’s operations were expanded due to the establishment of D&K Advisory.

Our advantages:

  • More than 20 years of stable work in the securities market
  • high level of employees’ competence
  • unblemished reputation
  • flexible tariffs
  • timely and relevant research
  • high grading of service (automated internal accounting, electronic document management)

We are opened for cooperation and offer high quality investment products which are adequate to present-day level of development of Russia’s securities market.

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